Termites are wood-feeding insects that cause significant damage to property around the world. Although there are about 45 species ranging in color from black/brown to red/yellow, the most common Termites are white and wingless. 

Damage From Termites

In the United States, Termites are grouped into three types:

Subterranean Termites are found throughout the United States and are responsible for more structural damage to homes and buildings than any other insect. They build extensive mud tubes out that run from an underground nest to a wood source. They can live in colonies as deep as 5 feet below the ground. Random dark, cut-up, blistered areas in your flooring or wood furniture is a sign you could have Subterranean termites.

Drywood Termites are found in the Southeast and Southwest, and prefer dry wood. They can also feed on roots of plants and weakened tree branches. The Drywood Termite, leaves small brown fecal pellets near the entry holes of wood.

Dampwood Termites live in the West and south Florida and only damage damp, moist wood.


Cultural Controls

  • Reduce moisture in crawl spaces under your home.  Increase ventilation. Don’t stack wood close to your home or other structures.
  • Fix water leaks immediately. Check shingles, faucets, gutters, leaky toilets, flashing, etc. frequently.
  • For additional methods of controlling Termites, contact your local cooperative extension service. 
  • If you suspect Termites, contact a professional pest control company.