Goosegrass is an annual grassy weed, similar in appearance to Crabgrass, except it is darker green and has more leaf blades, which resemble the spokes of a wagon wheel when viewed from above. The leaf blades are about one-third of aninch wide and up to nearly a foot long. They form a tight, spreading clump that can grow over 2 feet wide. The stems do not root are the leaf nodes, which also distinguishes it from Crabgrass.  Flower stems are upright and produce two or more fingerlike spikelets at the tip. Flowers and seeds are arranged in two rows on one side of the spikelet.

Goosegrass grows in warm weather and thrives in compacted soils.

Where Goosegrass is Found Geographically

Goosegrass is most common in Western and Southern states.

Similar or Related Plants

Crabgrass. Dallisgrass. Bermudagrass.



Cultural Controls