Flies are nuisance pests found in and around homes all over the United States. There are many different species of Flies, but they all have a short life span of about 2 to 4 weeks (the cooler the conditions, the longer they live). The most common Flies (Houseflies) have two big, colored eyes, two wings and six legs.

Damage From Flies

Flies feed mostly on decaying organic matter. They lay eggs in moist organic materials including, grass clippings, fecal matter, garbage and rotting fruits and vegetables. Eggs hatch within a day, and the newly-born maggots become adult Flies usually in about a week. Flies are a year-round pest and have the ability to transmit diseases.

How to Control Flies

Controlling Flies takes persistence both indoors and outdoors, and must include good sanitation. Insecticide treatments may be necessary, including in areas where Flies might land, such as on walls or plants, and areas where they might breed. Traps, including sticky paper, can also reduce pest numbers.

Where Flies are Found Geographically

Flies are common throughout the United States.



Cultural Controls

  • Don't leave food lying around.  Take trash out regularly.
  • Seal cracks in windows or doors.
  • Clean-up possible breeding locations outside.
  • Try a fly swatter.
  • Install fly-proof screens on doors and windows.
  • For additional methods of controlling Flies, contact your local cooperative extension service.