Dallisgrass is a grassy, perennial weed. The bright green leaf blades are 1/4–1/2 -inch wide and 4 to 10 inches long, and form slowly spreading clumps, similar to Crabgrass.  Clumps spread by underground rhizomes, making the weed difficult to control. If left unmowed, flower stalks can reach upwards of 5 feet high. The seedheads consists of 2 to 10, drooping spikelets originating from different points along the stem and are lined with two rows of egg-shaped seeds.

Dallisgrass seeds usually sprout in early spring to summer. Plants but can grow year-round in warm climates—most prominently in low, wet ground and high-cut lawns. They form unsightly clumps in mowed lawns.

Where Dallisgrass is Found Geographically

Dallisgrass isfound mostly in the warm winter areas of the south eastern and southwestern United States.

Similar or Related Plants

Stickygrass. Paspalumgrass. Goosegrass. Crabgrass. Knotgrass Bahiagrass. Watergrass.


Cultural Controls