Chickweed is a winter annual that grows from seeds which sprout in fall. It's a sprawling, succulent weed that usually grows about 2 inches high in lawns, but can grow taller in garden beds. Small, soft green leaves grow along lightly hairy stems. Tiny white flowers bloom in clusters near the tips of the stems. Seeds are spread far and wide by wind and birds.

Chickweed thrives in cool, wet weather and forms a dense mat that competes for water and nutrients with nearby plants.

Where Chickweed is found Geographically

Common throughout the United States.

Similar or Related Plants

Mouse-ear chickweed. Sticky chickweed.


Cultural Controls

  • Avoid overwatering, especially in shady beds.
  • Hoe, pull or spot-treat seedlings before they spread seed.
  • Mulch planting beds.
  • Maintain healthy, vigorous turf. 
  • Use landscape fabrics in planting beds.