Burweed, or Spurweed as it is also called, is a low-growing, cool-season, annual broadleaf weed. It is easily recognized by its low, fernlike foliage and sharp, spiny seed pods, which ripen in late spring and are the painful nemesis of pets or anyone who likes to walk barefoot on their lawn. The leaves are bright green, deeply divided and covered in fine hairs. The stems of Burweed branch at the base and have dark purple spots.

Burweed comes up in the fall from seeds produced the previous spring. It grows slowly through winter, then flowers and sets seed again in the spring. Burweed then dies as temperatures warm up in late spring.

Where Burweed is Found Geographically

Burweed is common in mild winter climates of the Southeastern and Southwestern United States.

Similar or Related Plants

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