Brown Patch is a common disease of turfgrasses caused by the fungus species Rhizoctonia. It causes irregular, circular patches of dead grass that can be from a few inches to several feet wide. Fescue lawns are particularly susceptible, but brown patch can infect both warm- and cool-season lawns. Brown Patch is usually most troublesome in the warm summer months.


Cultural Controls

  • Avoid over-fertilizing, particularly in late spring and summer for cool-season lawns,  and early spring and late fall for warm-season lawns. Lush growth is particularly susceptible.
  • Water effIciently, wetting the entire root zone (6 to 8 inches deep) and allowing the turf to partially dry between irrigations (Summer Lawn Watering Guide).
  • Mow at the proper height for your turf type and collect clippings to prevent spread. 
  • Aerate to improve water penetration. 
  • Have your soil tested and, if necessary, adjust pH. Brown Patch is more prevalent in soils below a pH of 6.