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Finally, you no longer have to compromise in order to control weeds, pests and diseases. Natria has alternative formulas that deliver more responsible results in less invasive ways. Check our product labels, and you’ll find active ingredients like soybean oil, naturally-occuring bacteria and essential oils. Many Natria products are even certified For Organic Gardening and OMRI Listed. We use strong, yet sensible ingredients that get the job done right the first time. In fact, many of our solutions work as quickly and effectively as traditional products.

If you’re worried about treating weeds, or second guessing your bug spray, or feeling unsure about applications around kids or pets, relax. Natria has the alternative solutions to set your mind at ease. You can rest easy knowing we don’t cut corners or make concessions. Because results matter, but so does how you get them. Natria®. Results Done Right.™

SBM Company is a family-owned industrial group with French roots, created in 1994, operating today in more than 20 countries. SBM Company creates, registers, manufactures and markets products to advance plant protection and home and garden care, from research to the consumer’s hands.

The group operates in 4 activities : crop protection, industrial production with one plant in the US and two plants in France, aromatherapy and Home & Garden, through a dedicated entity called SBM Life Science.

SBM Company is committed to providing responsible and innovative solutions now and for future generations.


SBM Life Science is the Home & Garden division of SBM Company. This division employs 350 staff members, with more than 20 locations in Europe and the US. With over 2,500 products distributed worldwide, SBM Life Science is an expert on plants’ care and beauty as well as protecting the home against rodents and insects.